Groom Shower Photo Shoot

Everyone says the wedding process is all about the bride – it’s the most special time in her life, her fairy tale moment – but what about the groom?  The bridal shower is a significant event, and having an equivalent event that’s right for men has been missing for far too long.   We think its time for the groom to step it up in the celebratory tradition arena by throwing a Groom Shower – a masculine celebration for the man-of-the-day and his closest friends.

The below photo shoot highlights some really unique and fun Groom Shower ideas.  For this event, we chose a sleek black and gold look with punches of bright yellow.  The invitation was simple with black and white detailing, sealed in a gold envelope.

The welcome sign sat beside a black bow tie, revealing the theme of the event.  As guests arrived, a sleek black table with bright yellow flowers sitting on a gold sequined runner, made a striking centerpiece for the room.  The floral arrangements sat in a variety of multicolored vases and were filled with lush, yellow flowers.  Intricate gold and black plates and added a classy touch!  Individual bottles of whiskey served as the place cards for each of the attendees. 

The groom and his friends enjoyed signature cocktails created especially for them, and snacked on an assortment of nuts with a sign that read Lets Go Nuts Today- such a cute touch!  A variety of manly hors d’oeuvres were available for the groomsmen to fill up on, including newspaper-wrapped beef sliders and sweet potato fries – yum!  Each guest left with a bow-tie and flask, and a small note of appreciation from the groom.  

This was the perfect moment for the bride-to-be to send her soon-to-be-husband a groom’s survival kit complete with stain remover, mints, lint roller – and of course – a little more whiskey.  All of the fun leading up to the big day does not need to be limited to the bride – now it’s the grooms turn to join in on the fun and throw a groom’s shower! 



A special thanks to Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City, Duke Photography, Butterfly Floral Design, Lulubee Design

Greystone Mansion & Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Wedding | YinYin + Jose | Featured on Style Me Pretty

Family and friends joined YinYin & Jose in Beverly Hills as they said their I Do’s at a ceremony that was classy and elegant.  The bride wowed guests in a jeweled gown and sparkling heels.  She held a soft blush floral arrangement with hints of yellow and bursts of pink for a romantic feel. The bridesmaids wore dresses in soft neutral colors; their bright pink rose bouquets added a beautiful pop of color.

The ceremony took place outdoors at the Greystone Manor on a lush green lawn decorated with comfortable and stylish furniture from Found Rentals – creating a look that was unique and whimsical.  Gold chiavari guest chairs were laced with purple and pink floral garlands.  As the wedding party made their way down the aisle a string quartet played in the background.

The reception took place at the famous Luxe Hotel, under a white canopy with sparkling crystal chandeliers, vibrant pink centerpieces, and a stunning view of the city skyline.   Guests enjoyed signature cocktails and a variety of delicious food, including a yummy late night snack.  This wedding was glamorous simplicity at it’s best – and we are so happy we were a part of it! A special thank you to Duke Photography for sharing these stunning images!

This wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty.  Click here to view now.


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Santa Barbara Courthouse | Gypsy + Bill

A unique wedding for a special bride and groom!  Gypsy and Bill wed in front of family and friends at the beautiful Santa Barbara County Historic Courthouse.  The landmark building offered a stunning backdrop for the day with its Spanish Colonial architecture and sweeping grounds.  Gypsy and Bill said their I-Do’s in the famous Mural Room, known for its hand painted Groesbeck murals and intricately painted ceiling.  Because the venue is naturally sophisticated and beautiful, minimal decor was needed for the ceremony!

During the vintage-style reception, guests danced under floating fairy lights and wrought iron chandeliers, and ate at tables draped in lace and strands of pearls.   The flowers included soft blush and sepia arrangements on wrought iron stands, and roses sitting in lace-covered vases.  All of the soft colors and warm light created a cozy, romantic feel.  We truly enjoyed working with this happy couple – congrats to you both!






























To Look or Not To Look?

By Kristin Twombly

To look or not to look: that is the question couples have been asking us lately.  The “first look” is a trend where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony in a private and beautiful location away from the crowd.   That’s right – BEFORE the ceremony.  Afterwards your photographer takes some amazing portraits of the two of you before all of the craziness of the day begins (and your hair still looks perfect!)

When I first learned about the first look I thought: it’s not for me.  As a girl I always envisioned that once-in-a-lifetime moment when my groom first laid eyes on me as I walked down in the aisle in my gown.   It’s what my mother did, and her mother before her, and I love the idea of following in their footsteps.

But after seeing so many beautiful first look moments, I began to love the idea more and more.   Here are a few reasons why:

It is more intimate
A first look creates a more personal moment for seeing each other for the first time.  You can openly laugh, cry, wipe tears, kiss and hold hands, without an audience.  And since you will be pulled in a million different directions throughout the day, this could be a rare moment for you two to enjoy alone.

It can help you to relax
I’ve seen it countless times…once the happy couple finally see each other, their nerves simply dissipate.  They can spend some quality one and one time before facing the day together.

It allows for more time with your guests
Getting your romantics done before the ceremony will allow you for more time with your guests – you might even be able to enjoy your cocktail hour!  It can also alleviate stress during the family portrait time which is a jam packed part of your day with a tight timeline.

It creates beautiful pictures
The First Look pictures are really special!

Says wedding photographer Lauren Methia from Boston, “From a photographer’s perspective a first look is often my favorite from the entire day. I love the opportunity to document  this private moment between bride and groom. The reactions are always genuine which makes for some really amazing natural photographs. There is no posing because there is a natural joining together, hugging, twirling the bride, etc. These couples are so much more relaxed on their wedding day! Many couples think it will take away from the walk down the aisle but the experiences are completely separate – both special in there own way. ”


However, many couples opt to pass on the First Look.  It is tradition in many cultures not see each other until the ceremony –there are some superstitions that say to do otherwise could be bad luck.  Some couples think that the First Look can feel a little staged, versus capturing that natural and organic emotion from the ceremony.  Others think this is just a fad, and later they will regret one day that they did not adhere to tradition.

At the end of the day, it’s simply a personal choice you have to make together.   Regardless of what you decide to do, the first time you lay eyes on each other on your wedding day is bound to be one of the happiest, most beautiful moments of your life – so be sure to enjoy it!

Here are some of our favorite First Looks pictures from BD Weddings.


Bridal Inspiration: 6 Best Hairstyles We Love 2014

By Kristin Twombly

Deciding on the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day can be a challenge.  You’ll want to find something that feels comfortable, looks beautiful, photographs well, and speaks to the style of your wedding.  A black tie affair may call for an elegant up-do, while a casual beach wedding evokes visions of romantic, tousled curls.  With so many options, it can be overwhelming for a bride.  Below are some of our favorite trends from this season.  Which do you like best?

1. Fabulous Flowers And Heavenly Hairpieces

Fresh flowers add softness and romance to a wedding hairstyle


2. Classic Curls For The Long And Lovely

Soft, subtle waves add body and movement to longer tresses. This effortless, romantic look is a beautiful option for a rustic wedding in the mountains or a laid-back bohemian affair.

hayley-paige-spring-2014-wedding-dresses-11 wedding-dresses-zahavit-tshuba-23

3. The Ballerina Bun

This is a trend we are seeing everywhere right now.  It’s an elegant and timeless look – a great choice for the bride who wants to dance the night away without a hair falling out of place.

Bun  Ballerina-Bun-Hairstyle        

 4. Braided Up-do

The braid is making a big comeback this summer, thanks in part to designers like Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa showcasing them in runway shows.  There are so many styles to choose from with braids, from sophisticated to bohemian, you can definitely find a unique look to compliment your dress.

Braided Up-do Braid

5. Tousled Chignon

This trend is ideal for a beach wedding – intentionally unkempt yet still sexy and glamorous - but we think it’s beautiful in any setting.  Pin on a flower or add a jeweled barrette for an extra special touch.

Chignon  Chignon 2

6. Statement Headpieces

Headpieces are an easy way to make a fashion statement.  With hundreds of options available, there is truly something for everyone. From sparkly tiaras to floral wreaths, headpieces are a great way show your individual style and personality.

wedding-dress-berta-bridal-winter-2014-2520 Headpiece

Which bridal hairstyles do you love this summer?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Check out more beautiful hairstyles on our Pinterest Board.

Photos via Style Me Pretty & Do What You Heart Blog.